Chaos Heroes Online’s Open Beta Arrives

Chaos Heroes Online's Open Beta Arrives

Chaos Heroes Online has entered open beta and a new trailer has been released to celebrate it; the trailer outlines the backstory of the game, revealing how the world has been thrust into chaos by a fallen God, corrupting harmony and destroying peace. The Open Beta kicks off with a whole new set of skins, a variety of Heroes available for purchase, and daily in-game bonuses, including currency and consumable items.

"The feedback we received from players during our Closed Beta was very positive and we are happy to deliver the game to all players beginning today," says Pascal Zuta, CEO of Aeria Games. "With the launch of Open Beta, we constantly want to bring a new dynamic to the overall gameplay with multiple opportunities for players to engage first-hand, while continuing to ensure balance in game flow.

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Source: Aeria Press Release.

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