Brand new high-level content for The Settlers Online

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have just announced a thrilling new feature called Epic Raids for their browser-based strategy game, The Settlers Online. Available for high-level players, this improvement will introduce many new and ambitious adventures, powerful enemies, magical resources and exclusive rewards.

The Epic Raids will bring up a plethora of new in-game content. Magic Beans and Magic Beanstalks will be introduced as new resources that are collectible during adventures, tradable and can be exchanged for new items in a special shop category. In addition, a new specialist will make his appearance: the Quartermaster General, an expert in logistic. Unable to lead an attack, he can transport very large armies of up to 1000 units in a shorter amount of time than normal generals.

The core element will be five new adventures, all referring to famous fairy-tales and full of lots of new and dangerous enemies like Unicorns, Greedy Inn-Keepers and Lying Goats. Players will be guided through their first epic challenge by a brave little tailor, a new NPC, who will assign them several quests. The first adventure can be found by an explorer or directly bought in the shop. Upon its completion, players will be rewarded randomly with one of two new adventures, generating two possible ways to end the story.

Moreover, players will be able to acquire additional 5 building licenses in exchange for Magic Beanstalks, allowing to get more buildings on their island. They may also choose from several new buildings such as the fairy-tale castle, a special decoration building than can be upgraded up to level 5 to become a production site, the Magnificent Residence to accommodate a huge number of settlers, and the Gold Tower which can turn wheat into coins.

Additionally, level 50 players will be able to earn a new resource called Star Coins instead of experience points. All already earned experience points by level 50 players will be converted to Star Coins when the Epic Raids feature will launch. A new section in the in-game shop will allow trading in this special resource against very valuable items.

Source of information: Ubisoft press release.


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