Bounty Hounds Online has presented a massive update for its closed beta

The Free-to-Play MMORPG Bounty Hounds Online, boosts its status as a game that brings triple-A quality with a massive updates to its closed beta rollout.

This mass update comes with:

More Content

· Five high-level Cambria Instances to challenge the most experienced and deadly mercenary teams. Obtain unique Stat and Resistance-enhancing equipment. During open hours, Mordechai at the PMC Headquarters will teleport you straight in to the action.
· New missions and events. New level 35 mission in the Wastelands giving a stat reset item. New level 40 mission in the Wastelands giving a skill point reset item.
More Personalization
· More gang/wolfpack technology added. Receive powerful stats bonuses every day.
· Trick out your CTU with more paint colours available -- no two CTUs need ever look the same.
· The Titles gamers have worked hard to earn mean something: they now unlock unique stat-boosting accessories, available from the Arms Badge vendors.

More Convenience

· The XP requirements for levelling have been adjusted so you’ll spend less time grinding, and more time doing what you want. Numerous low-level quests have had their requirements adjusted to improve game flow.
· Get equipped: certain items in the Emporium can now be purchased with reward points, earned daily and weekly for R&D, missions, and instances. The more you play, the more you get!
· Team up: now characters of any PMC can join forces to take on tough assignments.
· Player-vs-Player combat is now only possible between members of different PMCs. Only players with PvP flags activated are eligible to fight. This means only those who want to fight other players will do so. The PvP flag will be turned off automatically after resurrection.
· Fight without fear: XP loss on character death has been eliminated.
· Why spend time gathering your own resources? Use gathering robots at the PMC Headquarters to harvest craft materials for you while you concentrate on the mission. The number of robots useable simultaneously and the tier of resources they can harvest are tied to your gang/wolfpack skill tree.

"The beta testers that have been part of the close beta will notice the updates immediately," said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive, publishers of Bounty Hounds Online. "We have been working hard with the developers to add new features as well as include suggestions from the Bounty Hounds community. We are thrilled with the results and know that our testers will be thrilled by the updates."


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