BitComposer Games is going to distribute the physical version of Drakensang Online worldwide

BitComposer Games has the global rights to distribute the physical version of Drakensang Online.

In collaboration with Bigpoint, the Eschborn publishers will initially be releasing the popular action online RPG in a high-quality box in Germany, Switzerland and Austria the next November; a worldwide release is also being planned.

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The Drakensang Online box consists of the client and exclusive, valuable items that will give the purchasers a significant advantage, with an easier entry into the game and individual upgrades and improvements.

Drakensang Online is a browser-based, action-packed online RPG with an exciting plot and a world full of fantastic adventure that combines the best elements from action RPGs and MMORPGs. The dynamic battles provide more action than the classic MMORPGs.

Unlike pure action RPGs, Drakensang Online also places great emphasis on character development and cooperative gameplay between players, and offers RPG gamers a complex, shared game experience and thrilling duels.

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