Big Bang Empire: Cheeky Cam-girls

Big Bang Empire: Cheeky Cam-girls
Big Bang Empire: Cheeky Cam-girls and Hot, Sexy Streams

The Free2Play browser game releases new Streaming Feature

Nuremberg/Munich, November 06th 2019 – Two new features in only one month! Following the successful launch of Star Missions, a feature which allows users to write their own erotic mission in-game and publish it to fellow players, the developer team at Playata and game publisher GamesGroup are now giving the free-to-play browser game Big Bang Empire another exciting update. From this moment forth, the brand spanking new Streaming Feature is live! Showcasing numerous naughty girls streaming hot solo scenes.

The new Streaming Feature replaces Big Bang Empire‘s „work“ function, as players slip into the role of Managing Director for numerous sexy, in-game, webcam models; streaming sexy cam-girls, and earning in-game currency in the form of valuable Likes. With these earned Likes, the Big Bang Empire players can unlock additional streaming spaces and different sexy poses for their erotic stars. These are distributed amongst an array of additonal rewards for successful streams.

Beginning with six rooms, six scenes and six cam-girls available for selection. Each of the girls has three different sexy poses, which generate varied rewards. The themes and look of the streams are unlocked by fans, which can be created by shooting their own in-game movies. As soon as a scene is selected, the actress can start streaming and the sexiness will ensue.

Big Bang Empire illustrates, one of mankind’s most infamous pastimes and the business that surrounds it. Players slip into the role of a budding adult movie star and take their chance at becoming the world’s hottest star! With its brightly colored comic-style graphics, Big Bang Empire is clearly inspired by classics of the erotic game genre and aspires to be just as sexy as its famous predecessors, while offering something outrageously funny simultaneously.

The browser game Big Bang Empire officially started worldwide on December 12th, 2014 with a PEGI 16 rating and can be played via Big Bang Empire

The App for Android devices is available at Big Bang Empire.

Source: European Games Group AG - Playata - Big Bang Empire

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