The basics of Combat in Legends of Honor

Goodgame Studios has released today a gameplay video explaining the basics of combat in Legends of Honor. In the video we get to see how players fight NPC characters and how to attack other player's castles with heroes through the interactive world map. Watch it below.

In case you are interested, we published a review a few months ago, so check it out HERE.

In this game, where everything revolves around the hero characters, to go into battle players assign an army to their heroes. The heroes and their armies then explore the interactive world map where they will encounter other players' heroes and castles, as well as NPC marauders. Victories are rewarded with loot in the form of coins, resources, honor, and experience points for the heroes. The more honor a player collects, the mightier honor ranks and units they will unlock.

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Source: Goodgame Studios Press Release

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