Balor Rises in Drakensang Online

The largest expansion in the history of Drakensang Online is now live. The release of Rise of Balor marks the beginning of a series of new features coming to the game through the end of the year. Recently we published a detailed overview of this new expansion, so check it out HERE.

The expansion adds a completely new continent, new maps and quests, new monsters, new item sets, a new level cap, a revamped character skill system and new gameplay mechanics.

The character skill system has been converted to a skill and talent mastery system for all four character classes. Players can now choose how to distribute talent points.

We are thrilled to finally open the doors to Lor’Tac for all players. We started working on this expansion ten months ago and are now happy to bring ‘Rise of Balor’ to the servers. This marks the first of several important milestones which will greatly improve and change Drakensang,” says Jason Durall, Lead Game Designer at Bigpoint Berlin. “In the past few years, the game has been constantly evolving, not only in regards to new content but also in terms of graphics, fair monetization, and improved gameplay—and we have much more in store for players in the near future.

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Source: Bigpoint press Release.

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