Aura Kingdom Halloween

Aura Kingdom Halloween
Aura Kingdom Halloween

The Hauntings of Azuria corrupts Aura Kingdom website with plenty of Halloween-themed content

As the temperature drops and night expands its reach over the land, the world of Aura Kingdom website has become a bit spookier for the start of The Hauntings of Azuria. Monsters, wolves, and the undead have popped up and it’s up to the players to fight them off. Doing so will not only return peace to the land, but heroes will be handsomely rewarded for their valiant efforts.

But what’s this? A letter? And another one? And another one? Who could they be from and what are they trying to tell us? There’s only one way to find out!

The Hauntings of Azuria features several in-game events:

  • Halloween Letter Collection Event

    • Halloween Zephyrine and Halloween Zashi await players in Navea to collect the letters T-R-I-C-K and T-R-E-A-T to earn TONS of treats. Once these letters are collected, players will earn a Halloween Candy Bag that is filled with huge quantities of useful consumables and more! 🎃

  • Creepy Dungeon Crawls

    • Nightmare - Doom of Despair (Party)

    • Nightmare - Ancient Cliff Temple (Solo)

    • Demon King Fantasies IX: Battle of Survival

    • Eidolon Story Dungeon – Izanami

    • Legendary Battle - Predator Battle (Party)

    • Gaia’s Sanctuary: Judgement (Solo)

  • Class Ch-ch-ch-changes

    • Bard and Reaper

    • Buffs for envoy path, mastery system, and other miscellaneous stats

  • But wait – there's more!

    • Whether it be our Spooky Daily Login Event, our Halloween Cooking Event, visiting haunted houses, or watch an in-game Halloween costume parade, Aura Kingdom has plenty to offer!

For more information, please visit the Aura Kingdom website.

Aura Kingdom is a majestic new MMORPG that features state-of-the-art graphics and a detailed anime art style to depict a sprawling fantasy world for players to journey through. They will be accompanied by faithful interactive companions able to evolve and give support in battle. The game moreover offers eight classes to choose from, a dynamic action combat system, and elaborate skill trees.
Source: Gamigo AG - Aeria Games - Aura Kingdom website

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