Atlas Reactor moves into Closed Beta

Atlas Reactor Launches Season 3

Atlas Reactor's Closed Beta kicks off today, introducing user interface improvements, a new map, new characters and new metagame elements such as seasons, crafting and inventory. Watch the new trailer below, in which we get to see Elle, a new character that carries a huge plasma gun.

The launch of this new phase sees the release of Seasons. Playing matches and completing seasonal quests will provide with seasonal XP, which can be used to get rewards. Season will last for three months approximately, and each season will be comprised of chapters that unlock every few weeks.

The client has been optimized to improve framerate, especially on lower end machines.

Additionally, a week or two from now, Trion will introduce a custom game spectator mode. Viewers will be able to observe teams from an overhead perspective.

Closed Beta also brings a new interface, new input controls and improved visual cues so players can queue, preview abilities, modify movement choices and identify teammates' actions easier.

You can signup for the Closed Beta by clicking on the "play" button below.

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