Atlantica Releases a Huge Content Update


Atlantica Online gets a massive content update today. This update introduces to the game a new mercenary system, a new weapon class, cut scenes, revamps the quest system and changes the state of play.

This is a huge update that we’re very excited to share the details about,” said Marc Mehlitz, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “Atlantica will be a smoother, more satisfying and infinitely more diverse experience for all of our players.

Legion mercenaries operate on a system different to that seen in standard mercenaries, and share a special collective legion skill which grows in strength depending on the accumulated power of the group. Players can also nominate one special mercenary to be a commander, who will proudly display the legion’s rank, determined by upgrades made available by experience and various items, with a flag on their back.


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There are 3 legions in total; the first to make its appearance is the Diabolic Sect, an organization from Central Asia. When this legion is leveled up accordingly and a selection of criteria are met, players can acquire the demonic powers of chaos enjoyed by this legendary horde of swords-for-hire.

A new weapon class has also been added: the Armor Fist. Available in a variety, this unique weapon can be crafted, looted from fallen enemies, or bought in the market at a fixed price.

The Quest System has also been heavily revamped, enabling easier access to main scenarios and their resulting sub-quests, as they are now displayed in a color indicating if the quest level meets your main character’s level.

Other new additions include brand new cut scenes to provide a more involving, cinematic feel to the unique MMO, as well as a Mercenary Training Facility that will help level up your characters without having to send them on expeditions.

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