Atlantica Online, the new expansion is officially live


Nexon America has officially launched the latest Atlantica Online expansion, Rise of Atlantis: Awakening. This new update includes the new continent of Atlantis, the capital city of Antillia, two new classes, a new mercenary, the new field Tartarus Laboratory and the new gear Dark Pegasus.

Antillia  will act as the staging area for new users who start a Battle Mage or Blade Master, and will have all the benefits that Rome has on the Main Continent.

The Blade Master is a melee character who has an aggressive play style. He has Excellent Defense and Vitality and has highest Attack Power, Strength, Dexterity, Critical, and Intelligence of all main classes.

The Battle Mage is a staff wielder who excels in magic damage. Not only is she a great support character like other staff wielders, she also can cast powerful magic spells to devastate her enemies.

Source of information: Nexon America Press release

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