ASTA Gets Its First Content Update


ASTA releases today its first major content update, introducing a new Team Arena map, Ora Fortress, and a new difficulty mode for the two available 10-player raid dungeons: very hard.

The new difficulty mode provides more powerful bosses and doesn't allow players to revive during combat (unless healers use their revive skills). Entrance to the dungeons in the difficulty mode is only permitted once a day for free but by using soul stones players can get additional entries.

Pierre Vandenbroucke, Assistant Producer of ASTA at WEBZEN Dublin Ltd., commented: "We are delighted to release the first major update to ASTA which focuses on adding content to the game." He continues: "We have put a great deal of effort into this release and are excited to see players enjoying the game. We can't wait for their feedback so we can continue to improve ASTA."


ASTA_Team Arena map_03

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