Arena of Fate Enters Closed Beta & New Trailer

Sherlock Holmes takes center stage in the newest trailer for Crytek's free to play MOBA, Arena of Fate, as the game goes into Closed Beta today. The new trailer shows off some of legendary fictional and non fictional characters starring in the game, such as the famous consulting detective, Cleopatra or Nikola Tesla. Arena of Fate adds a unique twist to the MOBA genre. Players fight to claim victory before a 20-minute time limit ticks away. The game also includes a club system that paves the way for ongoing league challenges, tournaments, and enhanced matchmaking and social features.

Watch the trailer now:

Crytek’s Vesselin Handjiev, Managing Director of Crytek Black Sea, said: “As die-hard MOBA enthusiasts, our team has worked hard to create a truly original experience for players. We can’t wait to see how the game is received during Closed Beta testing, and will put all the feedback we receive to good use as we further refine Arena of Fate ahead of its launch.

The game will be playable at this year's Gamescom, so soon we'll be able to share our first hand impressions.

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