Arctic Combat, free item packs giveaway, in partnership with Webzen, gives you the chance to get an exclusive free gift pack for Arctic Combat!

Promotion Code Benefits
Players who redeem the promotion code can receive Special in-game promotion item pack.
This special item pack includes a weapon exchange coupon, EXP point boost item, game points and more which are essential to dominate the battlegrounds of Arctic Combat.Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:


Step 2. Login in the Webzen website here download the game client and install Arctic Combat. * If you are new to, please create a new account.

Step 3. Click ‘FREE TO PLAY’ and choose the server located near you from the launcher.

Step 4. After creating your character, select and enter a server/channel.

Step 5. In the game lobby, move to the ‘Item Shop’ or ‘Inventory’ to redeem your promotion code.

Step 6. Enter your code and check your received promotion items in your ‘Inventory’.

Step 7. Join the battlegrounds of ARCTIC COMBAT "AC" and ‘Be the Veteran’!


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