Archers in Fiesta Online Get Huge Overhaul

Fiesta Online Anime MMORPG
Fiesta Online's archers classes have been totally reworked with the latest content update. Archers, Hawk Archers, Scouts, Sharpshooters and Rangers went through a series of adjustments and changes that have roots in community feedback.

All bows and crossbows have received a large damage overhaul, making them more powerful. All archer gear has increased base evasion in tiers. Also, the bonus damage on archer weapons for enhancements has been increased.

DoTs (Damage Over Time) have been also reworked to increase duration and ticking damage, giving archers the advantage of combining them on the target.

And finally, certain skills have been modified. The passive skill “Archer’s order” has been boosted to focus on single target damage and from now on the skill “Demon Arrow” can only be enhanced at level 6 and higher.

In addition, this content update also includes some bug fixes and Christmas decorations. The character selection screen is now Christmas-themed and snowball banks have been added.

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Source: Gamigo Press Release.

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