APB Reloaded is giving away 500 more keys to get a permanent SMG

Thanks to the success of the previous key giveaways F2P.com brings 500 more keys to get a a free Permanent Colby PMG 28 SMG for APB Reloaded.

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To get your SMG enter here and create and account and login. Once in game bring up the “ESC” Menu and select “Armas Marketplace” and at the top Left of the Armas Marketplace you’ll find a link called “Redeem Code”. Click the link and enter your code.

To complete the process by clicking the “Redeem Code” button. You’ll find your items in your character’s mail.
a. Mail consoles can be found through-out the city. Click “M” to bring up your map.
b. If you code included premium, it will instantly be available on your account.

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The Colby PMG is a long-standing favorite with the San Paro community. A versatile close range weapon, it's payload packs a mean punch and can be deployed accurately up to medium ranges.

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