APB Reloaded Arrives in Xbox One


APB Reloaded is now available on Xbox One. All Xbox Live Gold members (requires membership) can now download fo free this free to play action MMO. Players who log in during the first 30 days will receive a package with premium items, and those wo play more than 10 hours will receive an exclusive title and a weapon skin.

Pack includes a fireworks flare launcher, a long-range support weapon, and a vehicle with exceptional acceleration and speed. APB Reloaded takes players to San Paro, a city where they'll have to pick one of two factions (Enforcers or Criminals) and fight against crime or create chaos. Players can participate in real-time missions and create their own designs and customizations. Check out our profile if you want to know more.


APBReloaded_XB1 Customization Screenshot_04 APBReloaded_XB1 Customization Screenshot_05 APBReloaded_XB1 Ingame Screenshot_01 APBReloaded_XB1 Ingame Screenshot_02 APBReloaded_XB1 Ingame Screenshot_04 APBReloaded_XB1 Ingame Screenshot_05

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