Angels Online has presented some new details of its latest Expansion

Angels Online has unveiled some new details of its latest update Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure.

The overall setting of Basil, the desert city, is a reminiscence of ancient Egypt; tall statues, stone carvings, sandblasted walls and ancient structures hewed entirely from stone. Beyond the rich and historical setting lies the secret of the Pharaoh’s treasure, hidden beyond the mysterious desert sands.

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Draped in rich, cultural history, the new expansion weapons and armor boost not just appearance but also some of the best stats the game has to offer. The game developers concluded their research, by breaking through all restrictions to fuse contemporary looks and mouth-watering stats into each piece of equipment.

Walking Gold-Plated - When it comes to the showdown between warriors, the one with the sharpest blade is often the winner. To overturn this theory, the developers challenged themselves to create a set of armor that combines rich culture, style and durability. The result: gold plated armor pieces that shine, covered with intricate patterns, ergonomically-designed to fit the user snugly, without compromising movements. Truly, the new heavy plate suits are a sight to behold.

The Prowl of the Tiger - Felines in general is some of the most respected animals in Basil City for their cunning intelligence and agility. It is not surprising to see some of these qualities imprinted on light armor. Seasoned hard leather and furs are used to create the lightweight yet durable appearance. The developers added hard bones in its design to cover the weaker joints, such as the back of the hand, ankles and waist, protecting the user from precision cuts from enemy skirmishes, all without hampering the movement of the user.

Robes and Rites of Royalty - Since the past, purple has been a color that symbolizes high authority and power. The kings and high priests of the past covered themselves in rich purple during important ceremonies and festivities. Of all the classes in Angels Online, the Mage class is probably the one with the closest affiliation to magic. The latest robes of fashion in Basil use the purest, royal purple, line in gold thread and a matching bone headgear. The cool appearance translates to stronger magic prowess, both offensive and defensively.

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