Allods Online Releases Blazing Skies

Allods Online Releases Blazing Skies


Allods Online has received a new content update, "Blazing Skies", introducing two new races, the final chapter of the 7.0 story, training arenas, new raid search functionalities, and a new daily quest system. Watch the trailer below.

This update marks the final confrontation against the architects. And brings daily quests to the game. Players will get to complete daily challenges to earn rewards, such rare costumes, mounts or strongboxes. Additionally, players will be play with two new races for the Engineer class: Arisen (Inventors) and Gibberling (Cannoneers).

Thaks to the new raid searching element, players will be able to find a group easily. Depending on the number of players in the raid, the difficulty will scale.

Watch the video:

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