All’s Fair in Love and War of Angels

With Valentine’s Day just days away, love lingers in the air for War of Angels.
War of Angels is getting into the spirit of giving with in-game Valentine’s Day cakes.

This lighthearted event will run from Feb. 9 through Feb. 15 and reward participants with a variety of useful in-game items.

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Scattered across the world, players of all levels will find that even monsters are in a generous mood and have started carrying around baking ingredients – fresh cream, baking powder and cake decorations. Combine each of those with wheat harvested from fields, and players have all the ingredients for delicious cake!

To bake the cakes, players simply need to bring the ingredients to the non-player character Amy in Enes. Finished cakes will grant players one of several prizes, including Valentine’s Day chocolate, which can be sold, traded or used to instantly regain HP and MP.

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