Age of Wulin starts its beta key distribution

Gala Networks Europe has begun the distribution of the closed beta keys of the martial arts MMORPG Age of Wulin. In its early beta testing stages, Age of Wulin will be accessible in the English language on European servers for all players. Later on, the French and German localised versions will also become available. Also the forums of the game will be opened soon, and it will reveal new details of the guilds and its unique guild features.

We are currently working on updating our time and development schedules. Due to the on-going development process in China and additional and important updates being implemented in the latest Chinese version of Age of Wulin, we now have been informed that the European version will see about 30 % more content than the current development version we have been working on so far. This is obviously great and exciting news, and we of course want to bring players the latest version and contents of the game. However, this also requires additional development activities. In terms of localisation, for example, this means we’re now facing 1 million additional characters to be translated. This is leading towards the full launch now happening in 2013, but we are now starting to distribute the first batches of closed beta keys affirming that the closed beta testing will start by the beginning of the new year”, explains Nicolas Pajot, CEO of Gala Networks Europe. “Of course, our aim of delivering the highest quality possible does not change, and we will invest all necessary resources to deliver the best possible free to play gaming experience.

The open beta of the game will begin in early 2013.

Source: Gala Networks Europe press note

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