A new PvP arena is coming to Guild Wars 2


A brand new norn-themed PvP map called Spirit Watch is coming with the next patch of Guild Wars 2. This new arena is surrounded by sheer cliffs and features shrines to the Spirits of the Wild and a new secondary objective.

Spirit Watch features a capture-the-flag style gameplayand  constant battles raging across bridges, valleys, and cliff sides. At the beginning of each match, the Orb of Ascension spawns at an altar, located in the center of the map. In order to pick up the Orb, a player will have to successfully complete a very short commune time. The player carrying the Orb will want to take it to any of the three capture points —represented as shrines to Wolf, Raven and Bear—located up in the surrounding cliffs.

Source of informations: NCSoft press release.

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