A new content update has arrived to Runes of Magic, Souls of the Past

Runes of Magic has received a new content update named , Patch 4.0.5 – Souls of the Past.

The update opens the gate to a new raid dungeon, the Tomb of the Seven Heroes, which challenges groups of up to twelve players to a heated battle with seven menacing bosses.

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Also released today, the latest RoM-Cast episode shows these formidable foes locked in combat with a group of well equipped players, showing off the new level cap of 70.

A Little Lore - The once mighty heroes of Taborea are in dire need of help. Players are already familiar with the history of these noble heroes, which began in The Elder Kingdoms, and now they actually have the chance to face them in harrowing combat. The legendary heroes proved their battle prowess in coming to the aid of King Kalume during the Great Banishment of the demons. Alas, their souls and swords are now under the control of the demon Sismond, who is using them as undead bodyguards. Players are called upon to defeat the entranced heroes and release them from Sismond’s evil spell.

New Endgame Content - Frogster is also serving up expanded endgame content with the new zone, Tergothen Bay. Here, players will come across the contested Kingdom of Lechif, where the ruling Kanches family are constantly at war with one another, leaving their subjects to fend for themselves against invading thieves and plunderers.

“Souls of the Past will not only draw Runes of Magic fans across the globe deeper into the Taborean saga, but it also offers weeks of gaming fun with a fantastic new zone and an exciting instance”, said Producer of Runes of Magic, Mandy Blumenthal, adding, “This patch also paves the way to Chapter 5, which we are all very much looking forward to.”

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