20th anniversary of OGame

20th anniversary of OGame
20th anniversary of OGame

To coincide with the 20th anniversary of the classic sci-fi strategy MMO OGame, plus its upcoming release on mobile platforms, publisher Gameforge is excited to share a brief overview of the Lifeforms expansion. This massive content release introduces four species into the universe of OGame and opens up countless new strategies for players to explore, with new buildings, technologies, and actions specific to each race. Below you will find a brief description and overview of each species available at launch — Humans, Rock’tal, Mechas, and Kaelesh — each with their own unique strengths that provide new and exciting ways to explore the galaxy in OGame.

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The Lifeforms expansion is currently available on Public Test Servers (PTS) and will be launched for free this summer. As the community continues to deliver valuable feedback through the PTS, the team will continue to discuss and implement balancing and optimization changes that may slightly alter the Lifeforms expansion by the time it is finally released. The information below is current, but may be subject to change by the time of release!


In the mid-21st century, humanity unlocked the potential of hyperdrive technology and was finally able to explore the furthest reaches of space. Over generations, humans spread throughout the universe, settling on countless planets, and becoming the most commonly encountered lifeform in certain quadrants. Humans have earned themselves a reputation as reliable traders, and they maintain good commercial relations with various other species. A balanced lifeform, they can rapidly exploit natural resources, are equipped with competent military technologies, and place great store in research. Through terraforming planets, they are capable of constructing more buildings and know how to defend themselves when under attack.

Humans are a lifeform with a wide range of skills, including the unique ability to detect other lifeforms. Their food production and population growth are balanced, and they increase resource production on all planets. Humans do not enhance any class bonuses.


The natural habitat of the Rock’tal consists of planetoids close to the sun that would be uninhabitable for other species. Their stony exteriors and slow metabolisms make them resilient to living in conditions that few others could ever call home. For centuries Rock’tal have lived on minerals which they exploit as their primary source of nutrition, and they became specialists in the techniques of mining ores and minerals to safeguard their very survival. Since the Rock’tal never become estranged from their natural environments, they are capable of constructing buildings quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. They are also highly effective at resource acquisition.

The Rock’tal are specialists in the techniques of mining resources. Their ships possess increased cargo capacities and are therefore more efficient at transporting goods. However, compared to other lifeforms their population grows less quickly and their food production is reduced. Rock’tal enhance the Collector class bonus.


Mechas are AI that can replicate themselves faster than any other known lifeforms. They communicate via an artificial neural network, providing them with enhanced capabilities and improved combat strategies. A lack of emotional modules in their AI makes Mechas unrestricted by moral deliberations, and the controller AI in the network is constantly on the hunt for new opportunities for conquest and exploitation. Other species fear the Mechas’ superior military technology, and for good reason: their fleets are swiftly constructed, equipped with sophisticated weapons systems, and constantly kept in good repair with nanobots.

Mechas can reproduce faster than any other species and their superior fleet is constructed swiftly.


The origins of the Kaelesh lie in the stars: they are born in the safety of the fabric between space and time. They travel through the cosmos in search of their own kind, covering many light-years, settling on planets inhabited by other Kaelesh once they reach a certain age. Before settling on a planet, however, they must pass a test before the Council of Unity. The Kaelesh use their metaphysical properties in their exploration of the universe, and as a result of the many galactic secrets they have already unlocked, they have made great leaps and bounds in their technological advancement. The Kaelesh are renowned for their effective exploration missions and their ability to see far into the depths of space.

Kaelesh are specialists at researching the universe, meaning they can significantly reduce the duration of expeditions, and their expeditions are successful more frequently. Additionally, they are less likely to lose expedition fleets. They only have a minimal need for food and have faster access to their tech tree. Kaelesh enhance the Discoverer class bonus.

All bonuses gained from buildings are limited to the planet they were built on. If a player has a building that increases lifeform growth, only the growth on that one planet is increased.

On the other hand, all bonuses gained from any tech tree that the player has unlocked are universal and work for all planets the player owns. If a player has the same species across multiple planets with the same tech research, then all research is added up. Every planet can have a unique setup of lifeforms, buildings, and tech research.

Created by Gameforge CEO Alexander Rösner and originally released on October 3rd, 2002, OGame is one of the space-themed MMO genre’s longest-running games that, to date, has over 100 million registered players worldwide. Everything starts with the foundation of a small colony on an uninhabited planet. Harnessing the resources of this new home, players research new technologies and construct a powerful fleet to carry their authority out into the stars. Players can expand their galactic empires by colonizing planets, forging tactical alliances, or taking on other players. Launch unprecedented expeditions of conquest, and subjugate galaxy after galaxy, on a quest to become the most powerful ruler in the universe!

OGame is available for Windows PC via the Gameforge Client and is available in 26 languages. The game will also become available for Android mobile devices via Google Play and iOS mobile devices via the Apple Store later this year, and players can take part in the Closed Beta starting May 31st, 2022.

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