F2P News, First Looks, Videos 29/08/2016 | 13:31

  We checked out R2Games’ newest free to play browser-based RPG Crystal Saga 2, a fantasy title where players can choose from multiple classes as they embark on a journey to save the realm from the forces of evil that… More »

Cinematics, F2P News, Videos 25/08/2016 | 13:42

  Gameforge unveiled today the cinematic trailer of Dropzone, the new free to play game developed by Sparkypants Studios that mixes MOBA and RTS mechanics to deliver a title in which players get to control three units in strategy focused… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 24/08/2016 | 13:44

  We take a look at the closed beta of Twin Saga, a fantasy themed anime-style MMORPG where players can level up multiple classes on a single character, take on challenging PVE content, craft, own their own home and more…. More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 22/08/2016 | 13:22

  Recently we checked out the open beta of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online, the free to play first person shooter set in the world of the popular manga anime Ghost in the Shell…. More »

Cinematics, F2P News, Videos 18/08/2016 | 14:12

  RuneScape has added a vast new area with procedurally-generated islands that players can claim and make their own. The first three on the western edge of the continent -Whale’s Maw, Waiko and Aminishi- are now discoverable. Watch the cinematic… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 17/08/2016 | 15:10

  Two weeks ago, The Elder Scrolls: Legends went into Open Beta, and last week we checked out this free to play card collecting game set in the fantasy world of Tamriel, brought to life by the single player RPG The… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 05/08/2016 | 13:03

  Dropzone is a new free to play MOBA-RTS game from GameForge that just went into closed beta, a sci-fi themed title players control three mecha tanks known as rigs as they destroy aliens in 15 minute rounds whilst competing… More »

Cinematics, F2P News, Videos 02/08/2016 | 8:18

  Snail Games has announced a new (or not so new) sandbox MMO at ChinaJoy 2016: Dark and Light. You might remember the game from 2006, when it was released, to very negative reviews. After a couple of terrible years,… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 29/07/2016 | 14:36

  The Skies is a free to play sandbox MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where dramatic changes in the sun turned the world into a scorched desert plain; mankind has managed to survive but the world that we remember… More »

Cinematics, F2P News, Videos 29/07/2016 | 9:24

  Hearthstone will launch a new adventure on August 12, taking players to Medivh’s tower: Karazhan, where we all will be able to enjoy the magic and the extravagant artifacts of the famous mage. This update will introduce 45 new… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 19/07/2016 | 14:53

  This past weekend we checked out HeroWarz, a free to play action RPG that has just gone into open beta in NA/Europe where players can choose from a variety of customizable characters and battle through dozens of action packed… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 18/07/2016 | 14:06

  Crush Online recently went into closed beta and we got a chance to check the game out. Stepping into this free to play MMO meets MOBA, we played through various quests, PVP battlezones and got to grips with crafting… More »