Zu online presents 5 new mounts

Throughout the mystical land of Zu Online, magic’s in the air, or soon will be. As energy crackles through the sky and thunder booms in its wake, five new mounts will change the way Zu players take flight.

Get ready for the ride of your life as the Magic Gourds swoop in to take the game by storm!

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Representing five different elements, the Magic Gourds each possess their own powers and spells, but they all have one thing in common: they will help players reach new heights as they travel the skies. Whether you choose Gold, Wood, Water, Fire or Soil, the sky’s the limit only if you let it be, because these wondrous treasures are so much more than tools for flight. Even their origins are breathtaking. You want proof? Here’s a taste that will whet your appetite for more.

Soil Magic Gourd
From the earth of the North Temple, it is one with the soil and can submerge deep underground. Mystic light and mysterious carvings are sure signs of its status as an amazing treasure rumored to have once belonged to Master Mind. It contains Buddhism Five Color Soil within its heart, which may be the source of its power. When Pot Immortal received this treasure from Master Dazang, it took its rightful place among the Magic Gourds.

Wood Magic Gourd
Once this was one of North Star Lord’s treasures, and it grew in power as he fed it holy energy. After learning that the Wood Gourd could heal deseases and wipe out poisons, North Star Lord gave it to the Seven Immortals so its restorative properties could be put to better use.

Fire Magic Gourd
From Heaven Fire Hollow in the Northern Ice Field, it burns evil with its blazing, heavenly light. The flames are a pure and righteous embodiment of goodness. Carved with delicate pictures, it is a masterpiece created by Pot Immortal.

Water Magic Gourd
One of the ten most precious treasures of the South Sea, it began as Super Ice in the deepest part of the South Sea, but melted into water and was imbued with Spirit Breath. Its blue form emits mystical light. If you listen carefully, you can hear the rippling sound of water, which will calm your mind and comfort your body.

Gold Magic Gourd
Legends say that after Wei-Yang Palace fell in defeat, Pot Immortal did everything he could to save the Seven Immortals from suffering the penalty of death. As Pot Immortal focused his holy energy over time, some of it eventually took shape as a Gold Gourd on Skypot Peak. Once he realized this, Pot Immortal used his unique magic dew to slowly nurture it into becoming a most heavenly and precious treasure, indeed.

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