Zoo 2 Animal Park Splashy Cyber

Zoo 2 Animal Park Splashy Cyber

Discount Battle Turns into Water Battle: New Update and Cash Back Event

Breeding Week with Black Fur Variants

Upjers, the developer and publisher of popular online games, launches a new splashy update for Zoo 2: Animal Park just in time for Cyber Week. Therefore great discounts on the new feature will be available!

The animal park turns into a water park – The terrain editor in Zoo 2: Animal Park enables you to magically create water areas between the enclosures. Instead of walking through grass-, autumn- or winter landscapes, the zoo visitors can now pass by spectacular water worlds. Naturally the new terrain element comes with lots of appealing decorations: From animated fountains to sea monsters, which even float onto the paths.

There is a discount amounting to 40 percent on the price of this deco during the Cyber Week! This also applies for shops and shop upgrades as well as the popular zoo expansions. Additionally the in-game prices for items and elements regarding the breeding feature in Zoo 2: Animal Park are reduced by 40 percent for this week. This happens because a super breeding week is taking place simultaneously. That means:

1.Each successful breeding provides you with twins
2.The chance on receiving babies with a special fur variant is increased by 25 percent
3.There are five rare color variants, which can only be bred during this week

These are a mottled red fox, a black African wild dog, a black alpaca, a black zebra, and a black Arctic fox.

However, the best is that you will get back a percentage of your diamonds spent in the game! The cash back discount starts with 5 percent and goes up to 25 percent. The more diamonds you spend, the higher the cash back percentage will be and the more you can save when shopping.

The Cyber Week in Zoo 2: Animal Park ends on November 30th, 2020 at noon.

About Zoo 2: Animal Park

In April 2018 Zoo 2: Animal Park started as an app and has become a total success in the app stores within a few months. Cute zoo animals in 3D, which even interact with the player, completely stroke home with the upjers community and also enthuse many new players. In the meantime the gaming app has exceeded the ten million download mark and is available as cross platform game, as browser game and also on Steam.

Source: Upjers - Zoo 2: Animal Park

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