Zombies Monsters Robots announces the Closed Beta


En Masse has announced that its new online TPS,  Zombies Monsters Robots (known as Hazard Ops in Europe) is going to enter its closed beta in May. The ZMR closed beta will offer a taste of the overwhelming amount of maps, modes, enemies, and bosses scheduled for launch.

The closed beta will let the player have a taste of the game's unique modes such as Kill EveryThing, where they will be able to face waves of monsters, Assault, where they have to face an alien invasion and PvP.

Those who sign up will also be entered for a chance to win a First Blood Pack, offering an exclusive set of in-game founder's items.


 ZMR_TouristTrap(3) ZMR_TouristTrap (2) ZMR_TouristTrap (1) ZMR_ThePit ZMR_ThePit (2) ZMR_ThePit (1) ZMR_Killville ZMR_Killville (2) ZMR_Killville (1) ZMR_HotDam ZMR_HotDam (2) ZMR_HotDam (1)

Source of information: En Masse press release

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