Zombies and mutants invade Cross Fire

G4BOX Inc., has introduced a new addition to the zombie mode of its MMOFPS Cross Fire, called "the Crater", in which players will find a hidden underground military laboratory now exposed to the Chicago city streets thanks to a devastating explosion, and where gamers are going to fight against waves of reanimated soldiers, genetic mutations, military experiments, and even a new boss "Mega Warmonger".

On the map, players will have the help of the new stationary weapons able to chew-up multiple enemies at will, but that should be used with caution because they are static and have limited ammunition. And for those who defeat everything that crater throw to them, there is an unpleasant surprise, "Mega Warmonger" an enormous mutant with very bad flea.

We’re always looking to create a more exciting and frantic game experience within Cross Fire, and the new Crater map in the Zombie Mode will do exactly that,” said JT Hwang, producer of Cross Fire. “This new map has multiple levels, obstructions and hordes of mutant and undead soldiers for players to decimate with all the tools in their arsenal. The action never lets up, not even when the Warmonger makes himself known.

Source of information: G4BOX Inc. press release

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