ZMR Launches Mummy See Mummy Doom Content Update


Get ready for the latest update in Zombies Monsters Robots (known in Europe as Hazard Ops) which enrich the game with new features such as a brand new game mode, new maps, new gear and new bosses!


ZMR_Egypt (17) ZMR_Egypt (14) ZMR_Egypt (13) ZMR_Egypt (12)

Today's release of the Mummy See Mummy Doom update follows the recent introduction of the unique competitive mode Mercs vs. Monsters, which allows players to control one of over 20 enemy classes and upgrade abilities and strength throughout the match.

With six new maps, more guns, deadly new gear, and Blood Diamonds -a new competitive mode where players race to kill and collect diamonds from opponents- there's never been a better time to play ZMR.


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Check out the gameplay launch trailer here:


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