Zentia opens its Token Shop

ChangYou.com today announced the grand opening of the Zentia “Token Shop”. The Token Shop offers Zentia players a variety of items to boost their gaming experience, including fun accessories, rare consumables, and exciting new mounts. In addition to the Token Shop grand opening, Zentia’s Halloween celebration began, Oct 20th, and lasts through Nov 3rd, 2010.

“We’re excited to announce the grand opening of the Zentia Token Shop and our Halloween special,” says Susan Revelt, Zentia’s Senior Producer. “The token shop offers countless rare items that we believe players will enjoy.” Today, all players are welcome to explore the token shop. Zentia is free-to-play, so gamers can fully enjoy the game and rise to the top of the ranks whether they use the token shop or not. Susan adds, “Make sure you also check out the Zentia Halloween event for some tricks or treats.”
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Halloween is arriving early this year for the Zentia community, and there will be several special events taking place. Players can venture through 24 hours of nighttime where ghosts and zombies await with different surprises around every corner. Special candy drops will randomly transform players into bats, pumpkins, black cats, or ghosts, temporarily enhance different character attributes, add experience, or provide a special Halloween costume. Players can speak to the Zentia NPCs in any of the three cities, Serene, Pond and Capital city, to receive Halloween goodie bags.

In addition, the Zentia community can check out the Token Shop for fun in-game items and exclusive Halloween treats. The grand opening of the Token Shop will provide players with more options and flexibility over their character and game play. The game offers plenty of features to captivate thousand of gamers worldwide.
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Zentia Halloween Special Features:

Halloween Herald
Gives the player one Halloween bag from one of the three cities (Pond, Serene, and Capital City).

Halloween Envoy
Gives the player a chance to answer one question right in order to receive a candy bag.

Candy Drops
Player must kill enemies that are within 5 levels of themselves. This can be done anywhere in the world map as long as the monster is not more that 5 levels below or above the player character level. Random candies are Demon, Bat, Blue Gnome, Frankenstein, Wizard, and Pumpkin and will provide buffs, experience, or costumes.

Permanent Nighttime
24 hour nighttime everywhere in the world except Mulberry Village, to of course protect the new players from the more frightening horrors of Halloween.

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