World Tour Fishing Is Officially Available


Games Campus has opened the doors of its fishing simulator, World Tour Fishing, and is finally avaiable to anyone interested in catching the biggest fish ever or creating the most beautiful aquarium.

Get ready to put your hands on the game and its unique Fishopedia, which can be used to complete challenges and collet gear.

World Tour Fishing shot 4World Tour Fishing shot 3World Tour Fishing shot 2World Tour Fishing shot 1

"I can proudly say that World Tour Fishing will be the greatest PC fishing game released! WTF is not just a fishing game, but a social experience." said Producer, Elliott Coward. "No other fishing game is as complex, in depth and polished as World Tour Fishing. As an MMO Gamer, I am constantly blown away at how good our game is."

Source of information: Games Campus press release

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