World of Warships Welcomes French Cruisers

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World of Warships Welcomes French Cruisers


World of Warships has received a new content update introducing a new nation: France. Ten new ships from France sails into the oceans of Wargaming's naval MMO game. This update also adds the first italian ship, the "Duca d’Aosta", a premium tier VI ship.

The French cruisers feature powerful artillery and a special engine boost consumable (unavailable to other nations). They have anti-torpedo bulkheads that provide with advantage against destroyers.

“French cruisers offer numerous tactical options and have tremendous potential to set the tone in combat thanks to outstanding fighting qualities and exclusive consumables,” said Artur Plociennik, World of Warships Executive Producer. “You can swiftly change your position, shine in short-range torpedo exchanges, and turn the table on destroyers. With French cruisers, you’re the hunter.”

Check out some screenshots:


world-of-warships-french-shots-2 world-of-warships-french-shots-3 world-of-warships-french-shots-4 world-of-warships-french-shots-5 world-of-warships-french-shots-6

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