We are giving away a closed beta item pack for Repulse

Aeria Games with F2P,com is celebrating a Closed Beta - Sniper Starter Pack Giveaway, for Repulse the new SCI-FI FPS MMO.
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PackageSniper Starter Pack - This pack includes a powerful rifle, camoflauge gear, grenades and reduced respawn time.

- Indigo NS-1 Rifle (7-Day)
- Type A Camo Rig (7-Day)
- Type S Chameleon Rig (7-Day)
- Smoke Grenades (7-Day)
- Lessened Limbo (7-Day)
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To Redeem your Coupon Code you only have to go to Repulse, and create a new account or sign in. Then go to the game Repulse redemption link and copy the key in the redemption box below

Finally log into Repulse and open "Storage"* and acquire your item pack.