We are giving away 2000 keys to get a alpha of The Missink Ink

RedBedLam with F2P.com is celebrating an Alpha key giveaway for The Missing Ink.

The Missing Ink is a fantasy-based free to play MMORPG with combined player owned 3D virtual worlds, currently playable on PC, Mac and in the browser with iOS & Android tablet versions to follow in 2012.

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Every player owns their own 3D sandbox virtual world that interacts with The Missing Ink game. This 3D space represents a player's own imagination and can be used to build complex structures, mini-games and challenges or just a cool 3D space to hang out and chat.

Players will be able to share their 3D worlds via a simple web link allowing their friends to explore their world in the browser without having to register a game account.

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To get your Alpha go to The Missing Ink and create an account. Then login and follow the instructions to redeem your key.

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