We are giving away 1000 codes to get a closed beta for The Settlers Online

Ubisoft with F2P.com is giving away 1,000 keys to get a closed beta for The Settlers Online.

For the first time in The Settlers history, a fully browser-based game sets out to conquer new territories. Discover Ubisoft’s brand new Free-to-play game in this select Closed Beta. No Download required.

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The Settlers Online combines popular gameplay elements with brand new opportunities to seize and territories to explore, delivering a fantastic new gaming experience for everyone, from ‘The Settlers’ newbie to old-school gamer. Build your city from the first brick up and lead it to glorious prosperity!

To do this, you will have to optimise your production flow skills as well as lay out an excellent logistical infrastructure. Don’t worry though, as guides and guilds will help you along the way as well as provide later level challenges, progressively gaining importance as you establish your reign in the realm!

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To get you closed beta key you only have to put your email in field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions. Go to Register to the Closed Beta following the few simple steps provided

Enjoy The Settlers Online from UbiSoft!

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