We are celebrating a Christmas Giveaway Event for Hellgate Global

T3Fun with F2P.com is creating a Christmas Giveaway Event for Hellgate Global.

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Event Period:
• Coupon Code Distribution = 1 month (December 8, 2011 – January 5, 2012)
• Coupon Code Claiming = 2 months (December 8, 2011 – February 2, 2012)

The Christmas giveaway event comes with:

I. Reward for Character Creation
a. Health Candy - 50pcs
b. Mana Candy – 50pcs
II. Reward for Reaching Level 20
a. 1pc Act 3 Entrance Ticket

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To get your Christmas Giveaway go to Hellgate Global and create an account, then log-in to HellGate Global and create your first character. Upon a successful character creation, log-in to the Hellgate Global Website and nder the Support Tab, click on Mail Inquiry to make a ticket for Hellgate Global (make sure to select Hellgate from the drop down option).

Inquiry format should be like this:
i. Title: Coupon Giveaway
ii. Contents:
a. Character Name:
b. Coupon Code:

After a successful validation of the Coupon Code, the reward item will be sent through your character’s in-game mail. Train or level that character up to Level 20 and you’ll get 1pc Act 3 Entrance Ticket. (An Act 3 Entrance Ticket will allow your whole account to access Hellgate Global’s Content starting from Act 3 up to Abyss)

1 Maximum of one coupon per account.
2 Rewards will only be given to one character of choice.
3 Coupon Codes can only be used by accounts that were created on December 8, 2011 onwards.

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