Wartune has presented a enormous content update

Reality Squared Games has announced a large content update for its hybrid strategy MMORPG, Wartune.

The massive content update will be part of Patch 1.4.5 and will include the following features:

Rested Experience - Players who are offline for more than 24 hours will now begin accumulating additional experience called "Rested Experience." During this rested state players will receive double experience.

Guild Chat - Constantly missing critical messages from your guild members? Guild members may communicate with one another using Guild Chat, a private chat interface just for its guild members.

Guild Chamber - All guilds now hold a special territory: the Guild Chamber. The Guild Chamber offers guild members the opportunity to gain bundles of guild contribution and experience!

Guild Battle - Think you have the strongest guild in the land? Well, now you can test your guild's prowess in the Guild Battle. Each week, the top 16 guilds listed in the Guild Strength Rankings will be chosen to compete in battle. Rewards are based on how quickly guilds defeat each other. The longer you last, the better your rewards.

Cross-Server 3v3 Arena - Tired of beating up the same old players on your server in the Arena? With the updated Arena, you will now be able to compete in the 3v3 Arena across servers in the same time zone!

Legendary Equipment - Looking for the biggest and baddest equipment? Level 40, 50 and 60 legendary equipment may now be synthesized in the Blacksmith, with the following requirements:

- Relevant Epic Equipment - Found in Normal/Nightmare Multi-player Dungeons
- Legendary Stone - Found in Level 40+ Nightmare Multi-player Dungeons
- Legendary Equipment Shard - Found in the Arena Shop
- Mounts - Once a player reaches level 40, they will receive a White Battle Steed. Mounts directly increase your attributes and increase your movement speed in the Battleground, dungeons, Guild Battle and the Wilds. Mount attribute boosts are compiled, therefore the more mounts you have, the more benefits you will gain.

Source of information: Reality Squared Games press release.

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