Wargaming Announces Unified Premium Account System


Wargaming has just announced a new upcoming service for its games: the Unified Premium Account service, the next step toward the target of connecting all of the company’s titles under one online ecosystem and community.

This new service grants bonuses such as an increased experience and currency gain rate, and will be applied across all the games played with that account: World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes and the future games that will be developed by the company as well.

The Unified Premium Account will officially be launched during the World of Warplanes open beta where players will receive special tokens to buy a Unified Premium Account and test the system. The same thing will happen once World of Warships enters its open beta phase.

The Unified Account is the next step in our goal to fully connect all of our gaming titles into one living, breathing ecosystem,” said Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Global Operations at Wargaming. “Giving our players the benefits and convenience of having premium features carry over through all of our games is something that we feel will be a tremendous value to them and truly enhance their gaming experience no matter what title of ours they play.

Source of information: Wargaming press release



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