Warflow has been launched today by EverDream Studios

EverDream Studio, has announced today the release of WarFlow its second browser game, based on city building and real time strategy.

Besides the architecture, the economic and item refining system, the variable combinations of troops, and a ancient culture background, are all lying underneath the surface awaiting players to explore.

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The game is set in an ancient land that people is suffering from years a war between three nations. Gamers will play heroes to save its land of the chaos.

Main Features of WarFlow.

Warflow players can choose to battle NPC or real players. NPC battles are varied in different maps as players upgrade. Players obtain honor from NPC battles, which helps the technology development and hero upgrade. In PvP battles RP will be obtained, which will help players get more silver salary and unlock better heroes.

Each player will be the owner of a city. There are buildings in the city including barracks that produce soldiers, training ground that recruits and upgrade heroes and war academy that develops technologies. Like other popular RTS games players will unlock more buildings along with the upgrading of Town Center.



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