War of Angels begins its Open Beta

Neowiz Games opened the servers of War of Angels and released new epic content for players in the midst of an ancient conflict between good and evil. Fighting across land, sea and air, they quest for power in War of Angels with a thrilling Thanksgiving event, new social features and fresh game content.

As an additional open beta bonus, War of Angels fans who participated in closed beta period have the chance to receive a limited gift to help them level up faster using the “Halo of the Pioneer” item. The halo provides additional health and ability boost for several days to help players level up faster – and provides some bragging rights.

Celebrating the open beta launch in conjunction with the Thanksgiving holiday, players can seek out the NPC Catherine who rewards diligent gamers with “Pajareu,” a gigantic bird mount. To earn the “big bird” prize, players must retrieve Catherine’s stolen turkeys by fighting monsters in special game areas. Players of all levels are welcome to join the hunt.

In addition to the Thanksgiving event, War of Angels includes new content for those ready to ascend into the improved open beta version of the game, including:

Leaderboards on the War of Angels website
Players’ statistics will be posted on the War of Angels website for bragging rights.

New weapons and gear for all levels
Players won’t have to stand around in raggedy armor for long after starting out; all levels will receive new weapons and gear.

New, challenging quests
New quests will be added for open beta, but be aware! They are not going to be easy for all players.

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