Wakfu has presented the Trool Fair

Ankama has presented some new features for WAKFU that includes a Trool Fair that arrives to the game in July.

The new island offers four themed zones and a dozen of attractions in the form of mini-games, with exclusive rewards as prizes. All players can visit the Fair, and one bronze token buys you a turn at the attraction of your choice. Tokens can be obtained during challenges or in exchange for Kamas.

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Ankama has also unveiled more upcoming content and updates for WAKFU in 2012, including improvements to World Bosses, and a revised PVP system for better controlled PvP with new rules and specially designed equipment. An improved quest mechanism will roll out with brand new quests, there’ll also be new tools for easier access to information, and much more.

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Last, but by no means least, Ankama will soon present a new concept of mobile arenas: dungeons which are accessible from territories and where players fight waves of monsters, alone or in a group. The goal is to survive as long as possible and take down the most enemies. Mobile arenas will be available to all players and will offer exclusive items to unlock, which vary according to the player’s level. More details will follow shortly.

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