Visual Camouflage Arrives in Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare Tank Shooter Game available on XBox One, PlayStation4 and PC

The long-awaited visual camouflage system is now a reality in Armored Warfare. Players can now unlock different paint options and camouflage, which can be mixed and matched, providing with real and personalized customization of vehicles.

A new video introducing this new feature has been published. Watch it below.

Each vehicle can have three Camouflage/Paint configurations for different environments (woodland, snow and desert). The right setting will automatically be selected when loading into a certain type of map.

Camouflage can be purchased through the customization interface for either gold or in-game credits. Paint is currently unlocked through completing different achievements (for free). Camouflage also adds a buff to vehicle's camouflage rating, which helps in hiding from enemies and attacking from concealment.

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Source: press Release.

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