Vindictus has unveiled that a new update with new, darker challenges is coming to the game

Nexon Europe has unveiled that Vindictus, is to become engulfed in a world of fire, destruction and malevolence, with its upcoming update that brings forth new, darker challenges for all players.

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Whole new territories are now open to explore. Resenlian’s Labyrinth, a deeply intense myriad of twisted, dark corridors and skull-lined murderous dungeons, lies in wait for those daring enough to venture into its murky depths.

In addition, this winter, fear will take on a legendary beast ‘Titan’. A one eyed monstrosity with an insatiable appetite for blood and devastation, Titan will present the most severe threat any player has ever faced. With so many changes coming to the world, the time has come for all to pick up their swords and enter the fray with renewed vigilance.

In order to survive against these terrifying threats, players would be wise to take advantage of the host of new skills at their disposal. Transformation, allows for a temporary boost in ability, becoming a light favouring Paladin, with increased armour and defence, or a hardened Dark Knight, with increased speed and attack power.

Those wishing to progress even further may wish to discover potentially helpful items in the new town of Rocheste. A host of new characters and side quests populate the town, and while visiting, players can even create their own weapons and items using the new Expertise System they’ll find there.

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