Vindictus has released a new content update, What Lies Beneath, that comes with a new M-Match PvP mode

Nexon Europe have announced two monumental new additions for Vindictus, that enhances the frenetic energy of its dark, intense battles of the game.

The new episodic update, What Lies Beneath, brings a fresh quest at theRocheste’s sewers. In this putrid environment, you’ll be expected to lead a crusade against giant lizards, navigate your way through filthy, murky tunnels, and face off against a gigantic creature lurking in the depths of the dank dungeon below.
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Fortunately, a host of new features make this challenge a more intriguing one. Exciting new armor types FrostHeart, Chuilin and Ingkara, provide a new way to defend through the dungeons and escape alive. When combined with new skills such Lann’s Gust Sting, Fiona’s Rose Thorns, and Evie’s Flying Sparrow, a force to be reckoned with is created.

The second part of this colossal update is the new M-Match. In this PvP update, the players can now team up with Boss Monsters for the ultimate epic battle. The first to take down the opposing monster is declared the victor.

It’s best to move quickly though, as bosses are able to level up in this mode. As well as this, players can opt for a single brawl, with a monster chosen at random, or a triple brawl, where three bosses enter the fray one after the other for a marathon melee session. All winners receive some fantastic rewards, so now’s the time to sharpen your summoning skills and get those fearsome beasts working in your favour.

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