Vindictus has beginned a Jumping Character event

Nexon Europe has started a new event for Vindictus.

In this event the players can jump ahead to level 50 in an instant.

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The Jumping Character event is in progress until August 1, from now you can create a character and level up to Lv.50 instantly. Also, powerful weapons and sturdy armor will be supplied for the new heroes of Vindictus.

This event is dedicated to all players, new and existing. Create a level 1 or level 50 character to play the game. More importantly, the created character’s level will not be reset when the event ends. Now is the time to add a new hero or heroine to your band of mercenaries.

A Jumping Character will receive powerful weapons and armor. Fiona, Lann, Evie and Karok each have their own specialist sets. When other players enter battle with a Jumping Character in their party, all party members will receive Double EXP and additional Evil Core will drop.

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