Vanguard Saga of Heroes is now free-to-play

Sony Online Entertainment, LLC has finally announced that its fantasy MMORPG Vanguard Saga of Heroes is now free-to-play worldwide.

From now players can level up, join guilds, battle creatures and explore the vibrant world of Telon for free. Vanguard Saga of Heroes' transition to a free-to-play model marks the beginning of the game's exciting new direction, including entirely new game enhancements, regular updates and brand new entertaining content.

"SOE recognized the successful evolution of free-to-play online gaming early on and we were one of the first publishers to truly embrace the business model," said John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment. "We have a long history of providing rich and compelling content to our online worlds through the free-to-play model, and with Vanguard's transition, we continue that legacy with one of our most popular titles."

"Moving to a free-to-play model allows the opportunity to expand the Vanguard universe by adding and tailoring content to appeal to all types of players," said Andy Sites, Director of Development, Sony Online Entertainment. "We have significant plans for new content that we cannot wait to share with the community. The development team is designing and implementing all new quests that take players through some of the most beautiful and challenging areas in the game."

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One Comment - "Vanguard Saga of Heroes is now free-to-play"

  1. Samer August 16, 2012 at 12:15 PM -

    LOL IT DONT LOOK GOOD! what a crap game engine, it looks like a game from 2000

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