Valiant is celebrating a especial contest to get a 100 free 20 Euro NTTESN coupons

The side-scrolling 3D Free-to-Play action MMORPG, Valiant, is celebrating a especial event.

This event will reward the first 100 players who reach Level 20 with a free 20 Euro NTTESN Coupon. This event will last until the midnight of February 6 (CET).

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The game sets you in a fantasy world inspired by both eastern and western elements of the medieval age and let’s you team up with friends and experience the adventure inside various dungeons with lots of monsters, obstacles, traps and also gigantic bosses at the depth of the dungeons.

Players will be challenged to create unique variations of combo with the help of quick change and extend weapon features that will grant you the ability to switch between 3 different kinds of weapons within a few seconds.

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