Vae Victis has launched a new update for Victory: The Age of Racing

Vae Victis has released a new patch of its F2P racing game Victory: The Age of Racing.

The Beta 2 - Patch 9 is a major update and takes the first steps of offering gamers an intense racing experience with the thrill of being in the driving seat of a F1-type racing-machine.

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“We have worked hard on this launch to make sure that we offer gamers something exciting that they can enjoy at any time, dropping in an out of game play, with what free time gamers have in their busy schedule.” said Luca Garattoni- Executive Producer at Vae Victis. “We want to make sure their experience is exciting and easy to enjoy. We have focused our changes that reflect this in game, with such features as our car physics and Research & Development labs. When drivers purchase new items such as engines and tires all items will directly affect their car performances. A new Car Statistics table will show you how the different PP allocation, for engines and tires affects your car performance.”

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