Upjers Valentine’s Day Events

Upjers Valentine's Day Events

Upjers Valentine's Day Events

Heart-Throb at upjers

Players can expect numerous rewards during the Valentine’s Day Events

Bamberg, February 5th, 2020. upjers, the developer and publisher of popular apps and browser games gives love a chance. Regarding the upcoming Valentine’s Day we will start numerous events. Here is a list:

  • Love letters and South American rhymes: Valentine’s Day events start on Tuesday, February 4th

My Little Farmies will discover its poetic talents during the event. Players will place dreamy-romantic decorations and collect love letters from them. The new production site mining pit can be redeemed as big prize in the end.

MyFreeZoo Mobile will kill two birds with one stone. The app will combine Valentine’s Day with the Carnival in Rio and its players will be rewarded with groundhogs.

  • Sweet seduction and sizzling romance: Valentine’s Day events start on Wednesday, February 5th

My Little Farmies Mobile will get players in the mood for the day of lovers by setting up a medieval knight tournament. Players will receive pralines which they can turn in for the new florist to create fittings decorations.

In MyFreeZoo the spark of love will leap across to the animals in the browser game classic. This becomes apparent in decorations like the sea otter couple, the zebras and the frog couple sitting on waterlilies as well as the event reward, the black-necked stork.

One day later, on February 6th, Uptasia will have a romantic rendezvous. Players can get the fence “romance”, the candle light dinner and the restaurant “Amour” during the “in the candlelight-event”. by solving hidden object puzzles.

  • Passion for collecting and lucky cards: Valentine’s Day events during the following week

Zoo 2: Animal Park will send its players into a love adventure starting on February 12th. The dik-dik, an African small antelope, will be the exclusive main prize for the collecting event.

Solitaire Family World will put its cards on the table on the same day. Players will clear heart cards from the board, collect roses, and improve their ranking in the league as well as receive valuable rewards by doing so.

Many more Valentine’s day events will also start in many other upjers games during the following week. These include My Free Farm, Molehill Empire and Stonies.


Source: Upjers - My Little Farmies - MyFreeZoo - Uptasia - Zoo 2: Animal Park - Solitarie Family World - Molehill Empire - Stonies

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